Prof. Giuseppe Tito Aronica

Martina Bussettini is a hydrologist, MSc in Hydraulic Engineering, PhD in Hydromorphology.
Former officer and then Chief Engineer in the Monitoring Networks Area at the former Italian National Hydrological Survey (Servizio Idrografico e Mareografico Nazionale), Dept. for Technical Services under the Prime Minister Office (2000), successively Head of Hydrology and Monitoring Networks Unit at the Italian National Environment Protection Agency - APAT.
Since 2007 she is a Research manager and Head of the Area of Hydrology, Hydromorphology, Hydrodynamics and Freshwater Ecosystem Dynamics at the Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), which hosts the National Board of Operational Hydrology, networking the regional hydrological services into a distributed system (Tavolo Nazionale per i Servizi di Idrologia Operativa). She has promoted the activities for hydrological standardization, to achieve a homogeneous workflow and dataflow and the intercalibration of stream gauging activities.
She coordinates the national technical activities for implementing water policies on integrated and sustainable catchment management, integrated water resource management, flood risk assessment and management, drought assessment and management. To this aim, she has developed methodological frameworks, tools and approaches and published books, guidelines and scientific papers in the relevant journals. She has coordinated, participated, evaluated and advised several European research projects.
She holds national yearly training courses on river hydromorphological survey and assessment and thematic seminars at University.
She is the national Focal point in the European Commission for the implementation of EU Floods Directive and the coordinator of the relevant European Commission Working Groups on Hydromorphology and Hydrology (ECOSTAT, ATG On Hydromorphology, WG on Temporary Stream assessment), aimed at highlighting the role of physical processes as a key to integrate ecological protection and flood risk management.
She has been involved since 2002 in the WMO CHy working groups, where she has co-authored papers and WMO guidelines related to water resources management and environmental flows, representing CHy in the relevant international symposia.

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