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"Advances in Watershed Hydrology"

sabato 21 novembre 2015 - 10:49

Advances in Watershed Hydrology is a result of the International Memorial Conference held in Assisi, Italy, October 2013, and organized by the Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection to celebrate the life and work of Dr. Florisa Melone. The Conference brought together some of the most renown and respected scholars from different parts of the world. More than one hundred participants presented ten keynote lectures and gave a series of presentations. Due to the success of the conference, the decision was made to publish a book illustrating aspects of past, present, and future in hydrology. This book presents:
a) A new perspective of hydro-meteorological monitoring by ground based and satellite, considering that a correct understanding of runoff dynamics cannot be separated from experimental observations;
b) Discharge assessment in natural channels,essential for water resources management and flood forecasting;
c) Hydraulic risk analysis, of paramount importancefor forward planning and civil protection activities;
d) Hydrological cycle, water systems and climate change.

More information can be found here and at http://www.wrpllc.com/books/awh.html