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A Taste of Summer School on Extremes in Water Science

venerdì 10 luglio 2020 - 09:18

Viene pubblicato l'invito a partecipare al seminario online di mezza giornata sugli eventi estremi di tre docenti della Summer School: Simon Papalexiou, Ilaria Prosdocimi, e Richard Vogel.L'invito è per tutti gli interessati mediante l'iscrizione al link: http://warredoc.unistrapg.it/en/events/half-day-virtual-meeting-advances-in-extremes-in-water-science-preparing-for-july-2021/


Di seguito si riporta il messaggio degli Organizzatori.


Dear applicant,

as you know it will not be possible to hold the Summer School on "Extremes in Water Science" this year. However, we would like to give a taste of the Summer School through a half-day online workshop in which we will be able to hear about what is exciting in extreme event research from the three lecturers of the School, Simon Papalexiou, Ilaria Prosdocimi, and Richard Vogel. They will be providing some vision in the field and opportunities of interactions, while we wait for July 2021.

You, as an applicant to the Summer School, are invited to participate. We only ask you to register at this link by filling out the dedicated form. Registered participants will receive by email a link to the online event, held using Microsoft Teams videoconferencing system.

Below is the program of the Workshop and attached the event flyer. We look forward to this opportunity to know one another better.


The Organizing Committee


Roberto Deidda, Salvatore Grimaldi, Marco Marani, Elena Volpi